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Where Are Companies Planning to Run Their Legacy Oracle Applications?

Analyst Research1: Looking Ahead to 2020

Major Enterprise Software Suites Begin Shift to Cloud Platforms

Primary Model for Enterprise Software, Today and In Two Years (by 2020)

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  • The survey results showed a significant shift to cloud for legacy Oracle Applications from in-house infrastructure by 2020.
    • 451 Research: “…major enterprise software suites are primarily internal for most businesses at this point. However, the shift to cloud will gain steam over the next two years.”
  • Move to public cloud IaaS, such as Amazon Web Services, is increasing rapidly at +7% change in over two years, 117% increase for this target environment.
    • Public cloud IaaS is the fastest growing of all target environments followed by the expected move to an Oracle environment, either SaaS-based Cloud Applications or to Oracle Cloud infrastructure. The breakdown of the preference of Oracle environment was not available from respondent data.
  • “In-house infrastructure is the dominant implementation model today, cited by 65% of businesses as the primary venue…” – decreasing to minority (46%) over next two years.

1Source: 451 Research. Voice of the Enterprise: Cloud, Hosting and Managed Services, Workloads and Key Projects - Quarterly Advisory Report, May 2018; Liam Eagle, Research Manager.