power of analytics

Get the Best from Your Data with True Analytics

Orchestrate Success Like Never Before

For many years, executives and business analysts have relied upon their trusty spreadsheets to handle complex, if not mission-critical, data-driven analysis. Staying ahead of the learning curve demands the ability to see the next big picture and also analyze the smallest area of pain. Is your current data analysis methodology aligned to make this happen quickly?

Surface analysis, traditional reporting and spreadsheets fall short of critical business demands. Discover next-generation approaches for data analysis that will provide deep-rooted, timely insight to your decision making. Watch this video to learn how a cohesive business analytics strategy can replace spreadsheets, deliver remarkable efficiencies and drive down costs.

Step up to business analytics that will ensure that you can:
- Handle massive amounts of data, seamlessly, easily with speed and accuracy
- Analyze the past, look at present and plan the future
- Discover unknown business variables & their connections
- Interpret data intelligently to plan & act with utmost clarity

Topic: Unleashing the Power of Analytics
Kshitij Kumar, CTO, Apps Associates
Kshitij is responsible for evaluating, driving and facilitating innovation across technologies which are aligned with overall business strategy. Kshitij has over 15 years of industry experience and has strong project management and technical skills. Kshitij has a deep technical background in data warehousing and database technologies. He was instrumental in setting the initial direction in business intelligence for the company, following the acquisition of Siebel by Oracle.